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Efficient Improved Thickener

This thickener is patent product of Xinhai, patent No. 201010521662.5. After improvement, the capacity becomes larger, overflow with low turbidity and discharge with high concentration.



Out overflow weir instead of inner overflow weir increases the sedimentation area and not easy to block; Oblique feeding instead of horizontal feeding solves the blockage problem; A tranquil flow device reduces material flow rate, so that the overflow becomes more uniform with lower turbidity.
The vertical axis rotates driven by motor, and pulp by feeding device flows into the tank center feed mixing barrel.Solid material in the bottom of the tank by the scraper moves out of center; clarified overflow through the tranquil flow device flows out from the ring external overflow weir.
In the thickening process of a gold mine, the client found the underflow concentration is not high, solid-liquid separation is not obvious, thus decided to increase several efficient improved thickener. Xinhai efficient improved thickener adopts curve tine rather than linear tine, making the underflow concentration increase, and the processing capacity increase; at the same time, added degassing tank in Xinhai efficient improved thickener, avoiding solid particles adhering on the bubbles, making solid-liquid separation more obvious.