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Wear-Resistant Slurry Pump

Slurry pump impeller and the casing are lined with Xinhai high wear-resistant rubber ensuring that the pump body is not subject to wear. In the same project, the service life of Xinhai slurry pump is 2 times longer than other metal pump life reaching the international top quality. The rubber liners wear index has reached 128%.



Wear – resistant rubber as liners prolongs the service life by 2-4 times Internal rubber liners with small specific gravity can effectively improve the impeller speed; Maximum flow rate than other slurry pump can improve the efficiency of the whole 10-20%, overall efficiency increased more than 30%; Small specific gravity wet parts, convenient maintenance, low noise; reduce the number of repair personnel and the operational maintenance cost Smooth wet parts make operation more stable.
The main components of wear-resistant slurry pump includes impeller, motor, sheath etc. Sheath and impeller is made of Xinhai wear resistant rubber. The auxiliary suspenders simply remove the pump shell, and are convenient for maintenance.
A gold processing plant in Shandong concentrator, the pulp temperature is very high after mineral processing, after applied common slurry pump, the equipment damage rate is extremely high so that the processing cost is heavy. Searching through the network, the client contacted with Xinhai Mining, the technical personnel recommended to adopt XPA wear-resistant rubber slurry pump. The device inherited the advantages of the original slurry pump, its good flexibility has good cushioning effect on the slurry impact, the pulp temperature can be adapt to-40˚C∼+70˚C, and the customers are very satisfied with it.